19 June 2012

30 Days of Character Development: Day 17

17.) What’s your character’s desk/workspace look like? Are they neat or messy?

Damian: He is very neat. He likes things to be set in a certain place, and he always outs it back after using it. Josh's mess sometimes drives him mad.

Josh: He is messy. When he's writing, he's got papers and books strewn everywhere around him, and he's not very good at putting it all away when he's done, to Damian's annoyance.

Silver: His workspace is kind of in-between. At home he will have sketchbooks and pencil scarttered around a little, but as he works as a tattoo artist, he has to have evrything neatly lined up when at work.

Kian:  He is also very neat. This is due to him growing up with an alcoholic and drug-addict mother, who wasn't exactly much up for house-chores. Kian doesn't like mess or dirt, so he's probably even neater than Damian.

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