23 June 2012

30 Days of Character Development: Day 21

21. What was your characters parents' marriage like? Were they married? Did they remain married?

Damian: his parents were married, yes, but they were not happy. His mother emotionally, and sometimes physically abused the whole family. In the end she killed them all, also herself; except Damian survived.

Josh: his parents were never married. Josh doesn't know his real dad, who was a douchebag, and he doesn't want to. His stepfather, whom his mother was married to for twelve years, abused him sexually during his childhood. His mother instantly divorced him when it all was revealed.

Silver: his parents are married and have stayed married since they were young. They're old, in their sixtees, and very old-fashioned. Silver was not planned and was quite the surprise to them. They seem happy, but they couldn't deal with Silver after the accident, so they sent him off to live with his older brother in London.

Kian: his parents were never married. He grew up with his mother, a drug-addict and alcoholic, until he left at the age of eighteen. His dad came back into his life then, after having been refused to see him for all those years by his vindictive mother. His dad is happily married to his half-Korean wife, and they have a son together who is turning out to be quite alike Kian.

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