28 June 2012

Fanart: Scarred Souls

I found some old fanart I received several years ago, back when Scarred Souls was a trainwreck and a novel of 130K.The first picture here is of Josh, and it's the drawing that I'm most in love with. Josh was always the main character, though now I'm kind of writing all their stories from Damian's POV.

Next up is Lesley and Spencer. They haven't been mentioned yet in the new stories. The picture here is a little misguiding, as Lesley (the platinum blond) is smaller and Spencer is bigger, but it's still a very nice picture of the two.

Next are three sketches. The first is Chad (not yet met in the new stories), the second is Damian and the third is Dion (not yet met either). Chad and Dion are actually part of a ménage and I will get to their stories very soon. I'm really looking forward to it, actually. Lots of angst in it, though, but that's the thing about this verse.

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