8 June 2012

Book recs: A Note In the Margin

I read this book last weekend after seeing a positive review of it on a livejournal group I'm a member of. I don't know the wordcount, but it was 500+ pages on my iPad. 

The romance was slow-building, which I like. I despise the insta-love in so many books and it was nice that this book took its time. Also, something else that was completely new to me was that one of the main characters was homeless. 

There was a lot of angst due to this, and I can only imagine what had happened to him on the streets. John was so sweet towards David, after the rocky beginning, and I did like this book. I certainly couldn't put it down; I had to know what would happen. 

What bothered me was the headhopping. There was a lot of headhopping going around and it really bothered me at first, until I got used to it further into the book and it subsided to a minor irritation.

I headhopped a lot in my earlier stories as well, mainly because all the books I read in Norwegian and the stories I read on fictionpress, all had headhopping. But after getting into the m/m romance genre I find it much better when a scene stick to one POV. I really thought that was the standard for romance stories now, but alas, not this one. 

Another thing bothered me too, and I don't want to spoil anything, but the girlfriend ... After acting like a bitch and leaving, and John thinking he had to make it up to her, we never see her again. I expected her to make another appearance, but she never did. We didn't even get a scene where John explained what was going on to her, or broke it off with her, or anything. 

Also, men doesn't giggle. There were a lot of giggles going on.This flat out bothered me. I've never heard a man giggle. It just sounds wrong to me.

But except for these three niggles, it was a good book. It gave a lot of insight into the life of the homeless; something I honestly have to admit I've never really given much thought to before. It was a very sweet and very touching book.


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