18 June 2012


I'm a good chunk into my story Apocalypse. The title explains what it's all about; the apocalypse is set in motion on Earth and the cast is a good mix between angels and humans.

Angels are divided into two categories: the regular ones and the Exiled ones. Fallen angels are mentioned, but not part of the cast. There is a difference between the two latter; Fallen angels are banished to Earth and has their wings cut off. The Exiles are banished away from their home and their wings turned black. 

This book is purely fiction, but I use known characters. Let me just throw some names out there: Micael, Uriel, Raphael, Lucifer, Samael, Cain, Lilith. I'm turning everything around and the supposedly good guys aren't so good, and the supposedly bad guys aren't so bad. 

I'm having a lot of fun with this story, and if it continues like this, it will be my longest book to date. The book already has six main character (three couples), and a big cast of secondary characters that will be saved for various sequel short stories. This is an epic story -- and an epic series. 

This is a book, a series, that builds up to a sequel series I am really looking forward to play with as well. I can't say anything about the sequel-series, because then I will spoil the whole story, but let me just say that this will be quite a ride. 

There's so much to keep track of in this story though. It's the most complicated storyline I have ever written and I really hope to be able to pull it off in a satisfying way. I also really hope people will like it, because I'm confident that this is not like any other angel story out there. I have had the idea for this for a year, if not longer and it is completely original. 

I have spent a long time planning all of this, setting up the good guys and the bad guys and the guys that walk the line in-between. I've spent a long time figuring out who needed to be the ones to tell this story, and I finally have it all figured out. 

This is the kind of angel stories I want to read, but no angel story has really captured my attention, so now I'm writing it myself. I finally feel confident enough to write it -- and it is going to be epic.

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