11 June 2012

Legend & Lore

Forest of Fenris was the first fantasy story I ever wrote -- and the first story I had published. It all started with a prompt, then a second prompt, and a third, and soon I had the whole story in my head. I was pretty damn pleased with the story, if I do say so myself. I managed to actually finish a story -- a fantasy story even! -- and have it published.

Now, it's been out since September and I've read some feedback on it. Most people agree that the story ended too soon; in a WTF kind of way. I don't know ... maybe it did? That's where it wanted to end when I wrote it. 

If I were to write it over again ... I would've done things a little different. Would've delved deeper into it and prolonged it. As for the ending ... The guys want to have a sequel, they're just very tight-lipped about what they want to happen in said sequel.

The sequel I did write was Desert Fire. It's Brand's story, he was first introduced in FoF. That is a story I am PROUD of. It flowed so well, even if the characters didn't stick to my outline at all. 

Brand was actually going to be paired with Kamoor, can you believe that? But then Khatlah entered the picture, and they were supposed to become a threesome. Only Brand and Khatlah had such good chemistry and Kamoor was a jerk. This was revelead to me when I wrote the last chapter. Had to do some rewriting after that info, but it's was all good. 

People that have read it also commented that they thought it was too short. I obviously like to write short stories. I'm trying to write longer stories, but I tend lose interest when new idea pop up if they're too long and so I put them on hold. If I were to write DF again though, I would try to expand it.

Now Kamoor has plans, though he's still being a jerk about it. He's getting his story eventually, I just have to be in the mood to write it. And I need a plan -- not a tight-knit one or anything, but at least a red thread that I can follow. Two other characters from FoF, Lorcan and Tord, also want their story told. They're going to have to wait though, because they're not giving me any clue about their story.

The third story I wrote in this 'verse is The Huntress, which is a part of the Vixen femslash anthology. I liked that story, I did, but again I would try to expand it if I were to write it again. Maybe drag the end out more. 

I didn't do much worldbuilding for this world. I made a map, but other than that I made stuff up as I went. It was fun to just make things up as they appeared; but next time I come up with a fantasy world I will do worldbuilding. It's a bit simpler with worldbuilding in place. 

But for my first fantasy world, I think the Legend & Lore series is good. It's a world I want to delve into again in the near future, when I have finished my neglected WIPs.

And isn't the print cover just fantastic? Just looking at it makes me want to write more L&L stories.

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