30 June 2012

Monthly rundown: June 2012

Today's the last day of June and so I thought I'd post a little rundown on what's happened this month.  I don't have any new releases this month, but Polar Nights has been running as a serial, which concluded on Wednesday.

Good stuff
  • Got over my funk and started both writing and blogging again
  • Started this blog all over, and have managed to have new posts every day
  • I particapated in the Manga & Romance Blog Hop
  • Submitted Scarred Souls
  • Submitted Sakura Kiss
  • Started Apocalypse and it's still going strong
  • The other stories aren't going so well, my motivation jumps around a lot
Goals for July
  • Finishing Apocalypse
  • Finishing Mist On the Moor
  • Finishing Kian & Silver's story
  • Plot out the sequel to Mist On the Moor, as it's turning out to be a series
  • Worldbuild on the world of Mist On the Moor, as in the sequel we will learn quite a bit about the world
Looking forward to in July
  • Hearing back on Scarred Souls and Sakura Kiss
  • Release of Polar Nights
Changes to the blog in July
30 Days of Character Development wraps up in two days, so from then on there won't be a new post every day. However, as I'm back to reading, I will post book rec's more often. I read too many good books to rec just one each Friday. So Friday will have to get another theme. More on that later.

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