26 June 2012

Series' blogs

I have blogs for all of my series. They're all currently set on private, so that only I can access them, but I'm thinking about making them available for others to see as well. Especially the blogs for the series that have published books.

The blog for Legend & Lore is the one that I'm happiest about, the one that is best suited for the public eye. But I have one for Arctic Love and Seasonal Love as well, and one for Scarred Souls (whose title just changed from Troubled Minds).

My idea for these blogs is to post stuff that I won't here on this one, such as character portraits and stuff like that. Some things will be double posted, such as new releases and covers. 

I also have one for Apocalypse, but I need to finish that particular book before that blog can open up. I quite like the blog though, but it's out-dated. I've changed a lot of stuff since I made it, and character portraits posted on the blog don't match what the characters are like or who the characters are in love with anymore.

I know that I personally like seeing series' blogs, though I haven't seen many off them. At least not many m/m series' blogs. If I do this, the one for Scarred Souls will be the most active one, as it has so many characters and so many things going on. 

What do you, as another author or as a reader, feel about series' blogs?

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