27 June 2012

WIP: Silver & Kian

"I have a confession to make."

Kian turned back around at Silver's low voice. "What?" he asked, from lack of anything better to say.

"I kind of bribed Chloe." Silver finished putting away all the equipment he'd used, then turned and leaned back against the counter. He crossed his arms over his chest, making already tight t-shirt tighten over his broad shoulders.

"Bribed her?" Kian shook his head slightly, not understanding.

"I told her I'd do her tattoo all for free if she brought you with her."

Kian blinked. "But ... why?"

Silver chuckled, but the way his eyes suddenly couldn't meet Kian's, it was obvious he was at least a little on edge. He's nervous. "Why would I possibly want to spend time with you?"

It clicked for Kian and his heart sped up. Silver wanted to spend time with him. With him. But ... "How do you know who I am?" Kian asked, the first thing falling into his mind at that declaration. "I have no idea who you are."

"Yeah, I'd imagine you don't." Silver looked at a spot above Kian's head. "I've known Chloe a while now, and I've been to the salon several times. Chloe always cuts my hair. And you've never so much as even looked at me."

Kian swallowed heavily. "I-I'm sorry," he managed to stutter out. Silver had known who he was for some time and he wanted Kian's attention. It was ... the most flattering thing Kian had ever heard.

"Don't apologize, it's not your fault." Silver smiled slightly.

"But I am. I do," Kian pressed. "If I'd seen you ... Trust me, I wouldn't have forgotten you." Oh no, he would certainly not forget that face, nor that body. Silver was a wet dream.

Silver's steel gray eyes locked with Kian's. "Oh really?"

"Yes." Kian stared back at him. "You could've just gotten my attention, you know."

"Didn't I already get it?" One corner of Silver's mouth quirked up into a wry smile.

Kian blinked again, surprised, then a smile slowly spread on his lips. "Yeah," he muttered, feeling both flustered and flattered all at once at Silver's sudden interest. "Yeah, you did. You had it from the moment you opened that door."

Kian took several steps forward, closer to Silver who was still leaning back against the counter. He might sound like an idiot, an insecure idiot, but he couldn't help but ask what was on his mind. "Why me? What is it about me that caught your attention?"

Silver moved so fast Kian could only gasp in surprise as he was being yanked close. "I don't really know," he said, his voice husky. "Maybe it was your hair. It was a bright green the first time I saw you. Very catching, for sure." Silver tangled one hand in Kian's hair, which was currently black with rainbow-dyed tips. "Or maybe your pretty face." Silver's free hand cupped the side of Kian's cheek, his thumb rubbing softly over Kian's lips.

Kian didn't know what to say. He could only stare into the steel gray eyes and think that he had never experienced anything like this.

Silver used his grip on Kian's hair to tilt his head further up, and in the next second Kian found himself being firmly kissed. Kian wrapped his arms around Silver's waist, pressing himself up against him as he kissed him back with all he had.

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