9 July 2012

The Kiss Me At Midnight Anthology

When LT3 first put up the call for the Kiss Me At Midnight Anthology, I knew I was going to write something for it. I even knew what to write. 

The three main stories of Arctic Love was supposed to be a serial, and I was going to write the continuation of the third couple as they made some changes to their lives. But then my funk hit, I was absent for a very long time, and now I'm still struggling my way through Midnight Sun. There is no way Northern Lights will be done and published before the anthology. 

So ... I had to come up with a plan B. It wasn't so hard; the idea was already there. Damian and Josh from Reunited (and soon Scarred Souls) needed a sequel. The story will quite change their lives, and it will be quite sad. Something really sad happens in it and I will cry writing it, but as with all my stories there will be a happy ending. I always need to have a happy ending!

I haven't given up on the sequel story to Northern Lights though. It will be written, it can't not, because though Northern Lights ends happily, something's aren't quite right a little further down the road. And they will be put right in the sequel.

My plan now is to finish Midnight Sun, then go on to write the anthology story featuring Damian and Josh. After that I will write Northern Lights, because I'm dying for those two particular characters. They are my all-time favorite characters! 

If I'm allowed to play favorites, that is.

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