17 July 2012

What Makes Your Eyes Roll?

So, there's a couple of things that makes me roll my eyes if I read it in fiction. And if I read those things, it pulls me out of the story. What are those things, you probably wonder? I'll share them with you. 

First off, instant love. That just doesn't do it for me, unless it's extremely well-written and there's a very good reason for it. Like in fantasy stories or paranormal. I just cn't buy this in contemporary stories though. It's too far fetched. Instant attraction sure, but not instant love. You can't love someone instantly; it's somehting that comes with time.

Second, every damn man being so well-hung. Yeah, because that's realistic. Or not. By well-hung they're normally way above average, and normally the bigger than any other the bottom has ever been with. Um, right. When I write my stories, my characters, not a one of them are extremely big down there. They're average guys with an average dick-size.

I think it would be refreshing to read about someone who actually worries about the size of his cock. Who worries that he isn't big enough and that he can't please enough. Because that's realistic. I have to admit that I haven't so far written any characters like this, but I'd like to. My characters aren't normally very well-hung either, it's just not something that's really mentioned. Because their significant other likes their cock, no matter the size of it. 

Third, when they howl during sex. Are you a werewolf? No. Then don't howl. I have never heard anyone howl during sex in my life. Whoever does that, unless of course they are a werewolf? But no one is a werewolf in contemporary, ordinary stories. So just stop it. Nothing makes me roll my eyes more than seeing the world howl. Scream too, and any other such high-pitched sounds. 

Sex can sure be vocal; with panting and moans and groans. You can cry out, but you do not scream. To me that connotes fright. You're not afraid during sex. If you're being violates, yes, but not during mutual sex. It's just to silly for words. I'm sorry, but it's a definite eye-roller for me.

What makes your eyes roll when you read? Is it the same that does it for me, or is it something else entirely?


  1. I think there are two things specific to m/m that really get me right now.

    The first is the heavy emphasis on penetrative sex. I like anal sex a lot, I like reading about it, writing about it, doing it. When every sex scene in every book includes it though it gets a little old. What I really hate is when the characters talk about not having had "real sex" unless it's penetrative sex, or how they haven't really had sex yet until they have penetrative sex. I just hate that on so many levels.

    I also get a little irritated when every guy is described as looking like a male model with rippling muscles. It just, as you say, makes me roll me eyes. not every guy in the world is built or looks like that. There is also more to love about someone than if they look like a male model. Couldn't they fall in love with their great personality even if they didn't look like a movie star? Plus some people don't even find that type attractive. It doesn't really help that most publishing company slap a picture of a half-naked male model on the cover of their m/m romances. Personally I'd love to see more books about chubby boys, average guys and bear on bear action in the genre.

    anyway just my opinion and person pet peeves.

    1. You're right about the penetrative sex. It really does get to be a little repetitive when it happens in every sex scene. Yeah, that whole not having had "real sex" before penetration is just a bunch of bullshit.

      Yeah, right? This is in the very same category as my problem with the penis size. men have different sized to their penises, they have different shapes to their bodies. I'd love to see books about chubby guys, average guys and bears anytime.

      I think I should make it my mission to write some of them myself. :P