8 November 2012

Happy Thursday!

There hasn't been any free reads this week, I know. I've been to up in my TW fanfiction obsession. I'm getting over it a bit now though and my writing inspiration seems to be coming back. Not for the contemporary stories though, but ... for my supernatural angel series. 

I never know if I should label it as paranormal or supernatural. There's angels and humans and eventually demons. I recon supernatural. When I hear werewolves and vampires and ghosts I'm thinking paranormal. Feel free to correct me. /grin

So yeah, I finally worked out my problem with the story and now it's all falling into place. The main story will be told in two books, each with their own romantic couple as leads. I'm thinking the minor characters will have their stories told as free reads. So that's what I'm working on now. 

The old version of the story isn't very correct as I've worked out new stuff, so it'll have to be corrected. More free reads will be up very soon though.

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