15 January 2013

Word-count and stuff, but mostly word-count

I was supposed to update the blog yesterday, but ... things (*coughMerlincoucgh*) ... happened. So yeah. I'm updating today instead! My wordcount for the week was astonishing; 12'000. 12K words in one week, and one of the days I didn't even write. This brought Measured Doses from roughly 6-7K to 18K. 

Speaking of Measured Doses though ... It just won't end. When I planned it I was thinking it would be roughly 10K. Then I figured that no, it'll be a little longer, so I sat 15K. That wasn't going to happen either, so I sat 20K. Not going to happen, I tell you, so I've now sat 25K. I'm doubting that's going to happen to, because the story's at 19K already and there's still a lot to cover, so now I'm thinking 30K. It's such a pleasant surprise, really. Going from not being able to write longer stories, to have a story that just won't be short ... it's awesome! 

The story is so full of angst though. Might be the darkest story I've written yet. But it all turns out all right in the end, and that's not even a spoiler, just a state of fact. I never end a story on a downer. I do like my HFN and HEA after all. 

Remember that How About a Boyfriend? comes out tonight! I am so excited for this one!

So ... that's that for this update. I had more to say, but I've completely forgotten about it. I've spent hours getting this blog post written too though, so yeah ... at least I'm finally updating. 

EDIT: I remember what I forgot! I submitted my three Silver & Kian stories. So now I'm waiting to hear back on both them and Yesterday's Tears. Keep your fingers crossed! ^_^


  1. *crosses her fingers* I'm hoping both get picked up, because that would be awesome, and would mean I'll have more to look forward to. :3

    And yes, I'm totally still procrastinating on my problem scene by visiting your blog. XD

    1. Awww, thanks! <3

      Ahahah, yeah, me too XD