17 April 2016

A new pen name? Or two? Or three?

I've ben thinking lately about separating my regular romance contemporaries, my erotica shorts, and my fantasy. That means two other pen names. The regular romance contemporaries would be kept under this name, obviously. Those are what I want to be known for. The More series, the Souls series, the Arctic Love series, and Protection. Those are the kinds of stories I love to write. 

Then, sometimes, I write something else. Like erotica shorts and fantasy. 

I used to think no way will I separate my stories into different pen names, but I've been contemplating it lately. The romance contemporaries are books I want friends and family to read if they're interested (which no one in my family is since it's in English and gay, and I don't mention my writing much to friends). The erotica however is something I definitely do not want family and friends to read. And the fantasy... well. I think about my Legend & Lore series as YA. Something maybe my sister can read when she learns English properly. 

So three pen names. Should I do it? I know some authors who do have separate pen names, some who keep everything under one. Pros and cons? 

Please comment with your views on this. I'm conflicted here! 


  1. I have three pen names. Tami is the catch-all, S.T. is the YA name, Debrah is the erotica stuff. I decided to separate out the YA because I wanted a clear distinction between them. My YA stuff is very unlikely to have sex and a lot more likely to be fantasy or science fiction. While the Tami stuff has sex, and includes whatever I feel like writing. The Debrah name isn't linked to these, and is a step of quality away from Tami/S.T. It doesn't go through revision or beta, it's 90% sex and a veneer of plot. Both S.T. and Debrah are indie-only names. While Tami remains hybrid.

    When I'm writing developing an idea, I usually know right away which name it's going under. If the protag is younger than twenty it's YA and going to be under the S.T. name. Or if the content is All About Teh Sex, it'll be going under Debrah.

    Everything else goes on Tami regardless of genre because in the end, a pen name needs a lot of consistent stories before it takes off, and the more I split my names around, the fewer stories go on any given name.

    1. Thanks for your reply, Tami! I knew you had your S.T. pen name, but I did not know you wrote erotica under a third one!

      Yeah, I was always set on never separating, because the more stories under this pen name the better. But as the blog post say, I do want a clear line drawn between these three. My romance titles have sex too, some are quite erotic even, but they're about a lot more than that. The erotic shorts, however, are just about sex and usually have no HEA in a romance perspective.

      So, yeah, I'm leaning towards the split. But everything I have out per now is already on GR under this pen name, and it's annoying. :P

  2. Late to the party but I'm a fan of separate pen names for vastly different genres. Not for keeping secrets, but to make it clear to readers what your brand is and what to expect from each name. Like Tami, if you're going to be writing both YA and erotica, it would be a good idea to keep them separate so someone who expects YA doesn't pick up erotica since it's under the same name and get a shock. Two favorite authors of mine have separate pen names for their fantasy stuff versus their hard sci-fi, for instance.

    So yes, I'm a proponent of multiple pens names!

    1. Thanks for the reply, Freddie!

      Yeah, I think I'll do it. During May sometime. Erotica under one pen name, YA fantasy under another, and then my contemporary romances under this one. What bothers me is that all of them are still listed on TT Kove's Goodreads page, so I'm not sure what to do with that. :/