3 June 2012

Starting over

I have been absent for so long, due to personal reasons that I will not go into at length here. I have decided to come back though, and become more active online. To manage that, I have decided to start up this blog anew. I have deleted all the old posts; so this is really a new start.

I was ready to give up writing a while ago, this too due to personal reasons. I'm not giving it up. Writing is going very slow at the moment, but at least I can write. I was afraid I couldn't anymore.

To be able to keep this up I need some structure. I will come up with a posting schedule, so that I will not fall of track. I will post more about it as I figure it out.

For now, I'm back. And I'll be posting a lot more often than I have been; at least a couple of times a week. I'm looking forward to starting up this blog again!

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