29 June 2012

30 Days of Character Development: Day 27

27.) Do your charcter have any pets? Do your character want any pets? What kind of pets do they like? 

Damian: he has never really cared for pets, but if he were to have one he'd like a cat. They are independent and doesn't rely on humans the way a dog does. 

Josh: he has never had any pets, but during his childhood he always dreamt of having a dog that could protect him whenever Andrew was around. If he were to have pets, he'd want a dog. 

Silver: he has never had any pets, his parents would never allow an animal inside their house. He's never really wanted one either, but he suppose that he's more of a cat person. 

Kian: he has never had any pets, but he grew up with a lot of insects and rodents infesting his mother's house. He can't stand the sight of insects, so spiders or mice or rats are completely out of the question. A cat would be nice though, if he were to have an animal, because if rodents were to infect the house, the cat would catch them.

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