15 June 2012

Book recs: Haven Coffe House Boys 1-2

There are only two books in this series so far, but I quite liked it. It's young adult, so no explicit sex, though as they're teenage boys, there's talk of it and bodies betraying them. 

As I said, the books were good. Cliched perhaps, but it doesn't really take away from the fun. All boys have difficult home-lifes, some worse than others. The books aren't overly long, and the story changes POV a lot, but I thought was nice. We get to see more of each of the boys, not just stay in the head of one of them.

We first meet Christian, the new boy in town who just came out to his parents. His mother is supportive, his father is dealing. He meets Taylor, and Christian likes him, even if Taylor tries to warn him off, as he's not exactly a popular kid in their school. Taylor is bullied every day; both at school and at home. He's the one with the worst home-life; with an abusive father and brother, and a mentally-ill mother. The first book takes a bad turn, which Taylor has to deal with in the second book.

Then there's James; he's deep in the closet, part of the jocks that bullies Taylor, and too afraid to ever come out. He is a friend of Taylor, but in school he acts like he doesn't know him. Next up is Devlin. He's Jame's cousin, but he's out and proud and his parents doesn't mind. His father is a big-shot lawyer. Devlin is probably the one, next to Christian, with the most normal home-life. 

Andy has distant parents and is in constant need of affection, which leads him to seek out sex and older man. His friends worry about him constantly, but Andy continues down the road he's set himself on.

A lot is happening in these two short books, and I cannot wait to read a continuation. I'm guessing Andy will be the "main" character in the next book, though as always we will get chapters from the other boys as well. 

On Stephani Hecht's homesite, it says that the release date for the third book is in the middle of July. That is entirely too long!


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