4 June 2012

Scarred Souls

For those of you have read Reunited, you have already become aquainted with Josh and Damian. Those two characters have been with me for quite a while; since I started writing in English, to be exact. After writing my first couple silly short stories featuring a bunch of cute German siblings, I got the idea for Scarred Souls.

Josh and Damian came first, and was then followed by four other main characters, making up three couples. I don't have count on how many times I have rewritten their book. I even have a version in paperback and one in hardcover, though I have rewritten it again after. 

Now ... It has changed drastically. Reunited happens when they're 26. Originally they met and fell in love in high school. They lived someplace unnamed in America then. This time, Josh and Damian didn't meet before they were eighteen and out of school, and I've moved them to London.

The story of how they met have changed drastically. The story of how they got together has changed countless times as well. I'm confident I have written the right version now. After I finished Reunited, I started in on another short story featuring them; Scarred Souls, the story about how they met. I managed to finish it before my personal life went to hell, and it's been finished all through my long absence. 

I'm thinking about submitting it now. I think it's between 7-10K words, I don't remember exactly. It's the weirdest love story I have ever written, but they are weird guys. This will become more evident through the 30 Days of Character Development. 

This series doesn't just have Josh and Damian though. There are a lot of couples, spread out over two generations. When I first wrote Scarred Souls (and all the rewrites) I wrote one big novel of about 130K, featuring three couples.

Now I have finally figured out that all their stories are better told in short stories. Not as short as Reunited is, but in short stories around the 10K mark. Many of the couples have several stories to tell; certainly Josh and Damian about their weird relationship.

What I'm not sure about is if I should sumit the individual short stories, or wait until I have enough of them and submit them as a sort of "anthology" or "collection". I have a little while to think about it though, because I need to come up with a new series title. 

Troubled Minds worked when they were younger and most of the characters were in the same group therapy, but they're growing up as the stories progress. So I need a new series title. 

Now, if titles wasn't the thing I really sucked at, this would've been easy.

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