14 June 2012

Thursday Trivia: Desert Fire

For those of you who have read Desert Fire, the sequel to my first published story Forest of Fenris; I have some trivia to share. When Brand started to nag me for his own story halfway through FoF, he told me his hero would be Kamoor.

Fine, I said. It's your life. Have it your way. 

But as I started writing the story Khatlah happened. They decided they'd be a threesome. I'd never done a threesome before, but if they wanted to be together, then who was I to stop them?

Kamoor was kind of a jerk through the whole story. Brand didn't much care for him. They just wouldn't come together. So when I was starting in on the end of the story they promptly told me that this wasn't working. 

No shit, I said. Like I didn't already know that. 

So the story was back to being a twosome. Not between Brand and Kamoor, as was first planned. But between Brand and Khatlah, the character I didn't see coming until he entered that dungeon.

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