12 June 2012

Are angels considered paranormal?

Last post I talked about contemporary vs. fantasy, and how I'd always considered myself a contemporary writer, but now I felt my fantasy stuff was better written. This is still true, except now I have moved into another genre I haven't really written in before. 

I'm not quite sure what genre it is. If I set is as paranormal, I'm thinking of vampires, werewolves, shifters and all that, but I'm currently writing about angels and demons and ancient, immortal humans. Is there a genre just for those? Because I'm thinking that this is more spiritual maybe than paranormal? 

I don't know. I've never written anything like this before. I've read paranormals before (with vampires and werewolves and shifter), but never really anything with angels. Certainly not like my angels. I'm twisting things around quite a bit; so much so that it'll probably be considered  blasphemy. Lets just say that God isn't exactly a nice guy! 

People would probably label it as paranormal. But I have a plan of a sequel series, which will be what I consider paranormal. Of course, there'll be a bit of angels in there as well, but those stories will mostly be about the regular cast of a paranormal story. I can't really say much more than that, because this series kind of leads on to the sequel series, so that would be spoiling it.

I'm having a lot of fun writing this series. I've had the idea forever, but haven't been able to put it together into one introcate storyline. I think I have managed now, and I'm currently writing the main book, Apocalypse, and I'm 14-15K into it already. This is going to be my longest book to date, that I already know. I hope to make it a novel. And with the side-stories and short sequel-stories, I'm hoping that this will be a long series. I certainly have enough characters. Apocalypse itself has 6 main characters; not to mention the secondary cast.

I don't really care what this book will be labeled as. It is a romance, a gay romance, with a lot of stuff going on. If it's paranormal or spiritual or whatever ... as long as I get this book written I'll be happy! 

If I manage to pull this off like I see it in my head, I'll finally consider myself a real author.

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