5 June 2012

Contemporary vs. fantasy

I've always considered myself a writer og contemporary fiction. I've always thought that that's what I did best. Then how is it that the stories I am most proud of, the most intricate stories and the longest stories, are all fantasy? How is it that I have just as many fantasies published as contemporary? How is it that I like the fantasy stories better, when I've always prided myself on being a good writer of contemporary romance? 

I sat asking myself these questions this morning. I'm stuck on all my contemporaries, and don't really feel like writing the short stories I had planned. While my current fantasy WIP is forefront in my mind -- as is another fantasy story I've had planned for a while. 

They're both longer than any other story I've had published -- at least they're supposed to be. They're a lot more intricate too. And I love them to death. I really want to write them, but at the same time I'm afraid I won't be able to do them justice since they are a lot more intricate than any other story I've written.

Mist On the Moor (might or might not be a working title) is over the half-way mark. I'm having a little niggle with a very minor character, but it'll work itself out in the end. What I worry about is the ending; it's kind of a cliffhanger. And there is no sequel. I know people complained about especially Forest of Fenris ending very abruptly and am afraid that maybe they'll feel this way about MOtM too.

There might be a sequel, of sorts, but it won't be with the same characters as MOtM. Their story have been told and they might be minor characters, but nothing more than that, I think, unless they come up with new adventures. 

The other story, Way of the Warrior, is a femslash story. I'm in debate with the characters if they want to be a twosome or a threesome. It's still up in the air. But I have the plot all laid out -- and I'm really excited for this story. It will have a sequel too, one that will be directly related to the first book. This story is also very intricate; it has a plot outside of getting the main characters together. Which my contemporary stories seem to lack. 

Maybe that's why I like my fantasies better? Because the romance takes a second seat to the plot and the action? I've always been a sucker for the action instead of the sex, but a dose of romance in the background is always good.

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