6 June 2012

WIP: Scarred Souls

This is technically finished, but I'm on such a roll with the 30 Days of Character Development, that I want to post some of Josh and Damian, whom we first met in my short Reunited. This is a snippet from Scarred Souls, the story of how they met.


Damian put the strap of his bag over his shoulder and he clutched at is as he waited for the room to empty.

Doc turned to him when the door closed, a tentative smile on her lips. "You weren't comfortable with this at all?"

Damian simply shook his head.

"I think you should give it a couple more tries before you make up your mind."

"Why? This isn't for me. You should know that." Damian shrugged helplessly.

"I think this will be good for you," Doc said. "I think group therapy will help you open up more. You need to loosen up a little, Damien. You need to meet new people. And here is a group of young people that are struggling, someone you might be able to relate to."

Damian wanted to tell her that he couldn't care less about any of them when the door opened. Damian turned his head and stared at the young man that entered. He was Damian's age and height, with tussled blond hair and the greenest eyes. He was thin and had a nervous air about him.

His green eyes looked wide-eyed back at Damian, then they cut over to Doc. "Is group over?"

"Hi, Josh." Doc smiled softly at him and stepped closer. "Yes, we just finished. If you want to talk however, I'm available."

"Ah, no, that's ok." His green eyes flickered to Damian again and Damian found himself fascinated by them. Those eyes left him flustered and Damian quickly looked away. "I'll see you Thursday." The sound of the door closing quietly told Damian of his departure.

"That was the last member of our group." Doc turned back to Damian. "You'll meet him properly on Thursday."

Damian stared at her for a few seconds, then he nodded. "Thursday then."

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