12 July 2012

Blogspot vs. Livejournal: Which One Do You Prefer?

I have a limited memory, so whatever I write in this post might not be quite accurate. I remember posting a lot over on my LJ blog when I still went under the name of Kizuna online. I got to know a lot of great people over there, most of which I've sadly lost contact with. I loved my LJ and posted on it constantly. 

But I also had a blogspot blog. Also under the name of Kizuna, if I remember correctly. I posted one of my very first English-written, m/m series on such a blog. That blog is still up, but it's private. I'm a little melancholy about it, it was my first series after all, and I was proud of it back then. 

But back to the point. All my old blogs were deleted when I created my pseudonym. I now have one LJ blog and one blogspot blog under my name. Before, this one was all but abandoned as I was an avid user of LJ. 

Then, last month, I wanted to fix this blog up and do something with it. LJ frustrated me to no end (everything about it frustrated me; to the site always being down all the way to the post form), so I gave up on it. And upon fixing this blog up, giving it a new makeover and deleting all the old entries and tags, I realizing I quite like Blogger. 

Blogger gives me more freedom than LJ ever did. Except layout, LJ will always have the best layouts, though you can find some pretty cool free ones for blogspot too! But it's so not enough to keep me around anymore. I set this blog up with a light color scheme, sidebar on both sides of the posts. I think this blog is quite neat and ordered and I love it to death. It gives me the opportunity to schedule posts, which is great because I don't have time everyday to sit down and write them. I hear you can do this on LJ now too, but ... nah, I have fallen in love with blogspot. 

And I think we're mostly going to be staying monogamous to each other. Mostly because there are certain people I still stalk on LJ, but I'm secretly hoping that maybe they'll all convert to blogspot sometime in the future. It's so much simpler and easier.

My favorite thing is the blog list. You can have every person you follow right there, and whenever they update their blog or their site, they'll be on top of the blog list. Pretty awesome. I like it a lot better than the LJ friends page where I have to scroll down through every update.

What I liked about LJ is the LJ cut. I hate it when long posts, mainly story excerpts, take over the whole page. So a LJ cut was pretty nice. But blogspot has that too! Not only that, I feel its easier to add images, easier to to format the blog post; simply everything is easier. 

Blogger and I agree with each other. I like it here in blogspot land. So I'm staying put. 

How about you? Blogspot or livejournal? Feel free to comment or choose your answer on the poll in the sidebar!

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