13 July 2012

When the Title Fits

The series currently having been labeled under names such as Troubled Minds and Intertwined Fates, and most recently Scarred Souls, now has an official series' name; Their Circumstances.

That title is actually a blast from the past. I had another series named that, once. I still remember the characters vividly and I love them to death, but I put that series away. It was about high-schoolers and it was all kinds of cliché. So I eventually let it go. Still have the stories and all, but I doubt I'll be doing anything about them. 

Now ... as I was looking for a new name for this particular series, it suddenly hit me. None of the other titles fit. Yes, all of the characters are troubled in their own kind of way (some more than others). Yes, all characters are connected by familial ties, friendship, acquaintances and group therapy. Yes, they're all scarred in some kind of way be it either physical or mental. 

But the titles didn't fit. They weren't right

So I was sitting contemplating this. Maliyawong commented on a certain blog post about this, and she came with a few really good suggestions. None of them really stuck to me though. So I sat down to think. Thinking about the kinds of circumstances the characters finds themselves in. 

... and it hit me! That title, from that long-ago series I've now abandoned, it would be perfect! It doesn't say anything specific; it doesn't gather all the characters under one label. The kinds of circumstances they find themselves in varies from character to character, so thus the title couldn't be about anything specific; they couldn't be troubled or intertwined or scarred because not all of them are. 

This series contains a lot of characters. Damian and Josh are just the "main" couple, because there'll be several stories about them. They have a lot to tell, a lot to share, a lot will happen. But there's plenty of others too who will have their stories told. 

I can mention that there will be a gay threesome, a few lesbian couples, an s/m couple and several gay couples. A lot of good stuff awaits as the stories unfold. If you want to really follow this series, you should go to the Their Circumstances blog, which holds character profiles and eventually will hold other trivia that won't be posted here on my main blog. 

I struggled a ver long time finding the right title for this series. And just like that, in the blink of an eye, it came to me, and it really fits perfectly.

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