1 July 2012

Book Rec: Kiss the Rain

Selsor's only dream growing up was to be a mage, to bond with a warrior and drive back the monsters in the Territories, live the life his parents had so loved. His dreams falter, however, when he displays no magic despite possessing the ability to use it. Then his dreams are lost when, during an attack by bullies, he lashes out with uncontrolled magic and accidentally kills an innocent bystander. His jewels are blackened, banning him forever from using magic, and Selsor is thrown out to survive on the streets as best he is able...

* * *

This is the first fantasy book I've read in quite some time as I've been on a contemporary binge lately. I knew I couldn't go wrong with one of Megan's books -- and I wasn't wrong. 

This is set in the same 'verse as An Admirer, and it's technically its prequel. I must say I loved it! Selsor was abused in school and he was abused when he was cast out and his jewels blackened. I really felt sorry for him, but after Jenohn came along things got a lot better for him. 

I can't really say anything else because this is a short book and it would spoil everything. Suffice to say,  I thought it was great! It also really made me want to reread An Admirer, because it's quite a while since I actually read that. 

Highly recommended. 

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