2 July 2012

30 Days of Character Development: Day 30

30.) And finally: Write a letter to your character, from yourself. 

Dear Damian
I'm sorry for making you such an outsider, but you're finally coming out of your shell now and that is good. It's all because of Josh, I know, but you two are so very good for each other in ways you do not yet even know. 

Dear Josh
I'm sorry for your crappy childhood. I know you'd much rather have lived a normal childhood, but not everyone has that chance. I know you've suffered a lot, but I also know you're feeling a lot better now after you met Damian. I'm happy for you both and wish you all the luck. 

Dear Silver
You've been dealt a lot of crap too, but I can't really feel sorry for it. If you hadn't been through what you went through you never would've met Kian and that would've been a shame. I know you feel so too, so don't dwell on the past anymore and focus on your present. Because it's wonderful

Dear Kian
You had a crappy childhood, but that's what life deals out sometimes. If you had had a normal childhood, you wouldn't be the person that you are today; which is a loveable, kind, ever thoughtful sweetheart. I wouldn't want you any other way! 

I wish you all a happy ever after!

Much love from the author who created you. (But know that if you piss me off, I can make your life a living hell; so you better behave yourself!)

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