28 July 2012

Book rec: Midsummer's Law

Midsummer's Law (Midsummer #3)

Being Sheriff is a hard job, even in a town like Midsummer. The law is the law, and when magic is thrown into the mix, everything gets more complicated. Kirby is lonely and worn out, and his latest unpleasant duty is contacting the brother of a recent suicide. Given the complications surrounding the tragedy, and just how loathed the deceased man was in Midsummer, meeting his brother is not something Kirby is in any hurry to do.

But when he arrives, Merry is nothing like his deceased brother—nothing like anything Kirby has seen in a long time, and quite possibly a reason to feel things Kirby thought he’d never feel again.

Word count: 20,600
Pairing: M/M

* * *

Sheriff Kirby's story! I really liked him in Midsummer's Curse and looked forward to his story next. He's a witch, which is really cool, because I love reading about witches. I love to see how other authors do them, as opposed to me. I really liked this portrayal of witches, I have to say!

I loved Merry! I loved his personality; I loved his sense of fashion; I loved his make-up; I loved the way he wore it all so proudly. He was a total opposite of his sleazy brother, whom I didn't really like all that much. Merry was awesome!

I can't really say much else. Don't want to spoil it. But this is just as good as the other two books and highly recommended! Now, only one book left. I do not want this series to end.

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