2 August 2012

A Personal Update: What's Going On With TT

I haven't ever posted a personal update on here, but I feel now's the time. I've been kind of absent lately, because of stuff happening in my life. 

As those who've followed me on LJ might know, I used to be a hairdresser. I quite because I got allergic to a lot of the stuff I to work with, so I saw no reason continuing. So for the past eight-ish months I've been working in a convenience store. 

Now, I've decided to get a new education, one which is a hell of a lot better suited to me than the old one. It really didn't fit me at all. I'm moving away from my hometown (FINALLY!) to take my bachelor's degree in Languages and Literature. As for the Languages part, I can only chose between Norwegian and English. Guess which one I'm going to choose? 

This meant I had to move out of my apartment, which I've been busy doing for a while. Well, not moving, but packing. That and the school stuff (will I get in? What do I do if I don't get in?) have kept my nerves on end, so I haven't been around as much as I used to. Haven't written much lately either. 

I'm living with my mother for two weeks now until I move. I'm working until next Friday, then I'll move during the weekend. The little town I'm moving to is about three-four hours away from my hometown. I still have a lot to do; I need to sort and pack what I want to take with me, pack down what I don't want to take with me. I need to work almost every day, except today and Sunday. 

But now that I know I got into school, and I know I have a place to live, I feel a lot calmer. I'm itching to get back to writing, and as it's already August, I'm going to have to change things around a bit as I need to knock that Kiss Me At Midnight anthology story out before anything else. 

But back to school ... The school I'm going to has this student paper, and I think I'm going to contact them about being a part of it. I want to write for them, of course, but also do layout and pictures. I just bought myself a new camera with my royalties, a SLR Nikon D3100. Haven't actually gotten to try it out yet, as I bought it yesterday, but my dad (who knows his stuff about cameras) said this would be the best for me. 

I'm really looking forward to starting school again, actually. I had to do it now before I got too old (I'm not really old, but it feels like it when the majority of students probably will come straight out of high school). 

So yeah. I'm back online until next Friday, at least, then I will probably take a little break as I get settled in in my new town and start school. There will probably still be posts though; as I'm quite fond of scheduling. But we'll see how much time I have. 

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