26 July 2012

Book rec: Midsummer's Moon

Midsummer's Moon (Midsummer #1)

A homeless werewolf travels to the town of Midsummer's Night, following a rumor that a doctor there has developed a cure for the lycanthropy that has always been the bane of his existence. But the cure he discovers is the very last thing he ever expected to find...

Word count: 26,000
Pairing: M/M

* * * 

I've been wanting to read this series for a very long time, but not been in a paranormal kind of mood. When I finally started it on it the other day, I regretted not reading it sooner. It was simply amazing! 

It drew me in from the very first page! Lowell was such a sweetheart and I really felt for him and hoped he would get his happy ending. The characters always do though in Megan's stories, which is why I can just sit down and enjoy it, and even if I worry sometimes, I know it will all wrap up to the best.

Peter too was lovely. He was so nice and considerate and I wanted to squish him. The other characters introduced were interesting as well; from the eccentric top vamp to the hunters. I hope there will be more about both vampires and hunters, as it seemed really interesting. 

I cannot praise this book any higher! I simply need more; so on to the second book in the series.

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