25 July 2012

WIP: Midnight Sun

"Frey ..."

Frey lifted his head to look at Andreas questioningly.

"I have some bad news." Andreas chewed at his bottom lip. "That trip we had planned in three days ... I can't make it. I have to go on a field excursion for my master's degree. I know you've already taken the day off and all, but it was the only time available for the excursion."

Frey was disappointed. Andreas had promised to show him a bit of Svalbard outside Longyearbyen. But he understood. Andreas was taking his master's degree and that came ahead of everything else. "That's ok. No worries."

Jørgen looked between them. "That sightseeing trip?" he asked, and Andreas nodded in reply. Jørgen turned his eyes to Frey and Frey swallowed heavily. "I could take you, so that your day off wouldn't be wasted. I'm quite a spectacular guide."

Frey felt panic squeeze at his stomach. Go on a trip with Jørgen? Only the two of them, all alone in the wilderness of Svalbard? Andreas was smiling, looking like it was a perfect idea. Frey didn't want to say no, it would be rude when Jørgen had been so kind to offer. Frey never liked to be rude. "Ok," he whispered, blinking rapidly.

"I've already talked to Karina about the horses," Andreas told Jørgen. "I'm sure she won't mind that I'm being replaced by her best friend."

Jørgen chuckled at that.

Frey smiled slightly. He really liked Jørgen's smile. He was glad that they would be riding. Frey was more comfortable with horses than a snowmobile. And now that he was going with Jørgen ... It was best to be on horseback, with a horse to take care of. If things got too awkward he could always concentrate on the horse.

But even if the panic squeezed his stomach tighter, he couldn't help but feel the butterflies fluttering nervously, in anticipation ... Frey couldn't get himself involved with anyone in a sexual way, but maybe they could grow to be friends? Frey didn't have many of those, and having Jørgen as a friend ... that would be good enough. Right?

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