2 July 2012

Mist On the Moor

Mist On the Moor was supposed to be a single book with fantasy elements. There isn't much magic or anything fantastical in it. It takes place in a scruffy little coal mining village. The main character, Roel, has healing abilities, but that's the only kind of magic that goes on in the story.

The story was always supposed to end on a kind-of cliffhanger, but the love story was mostly resolved. Now, however, it turns out there's more to the story and it wants to be a duology. At least the story of Roel will be, but I'm pretty sure other characters will pop up in the sequel as that one moves away from the mining village. 

Magic will be introduced there too, because there is magic in the world, it's just something that hasn't really been heard off in a small mining village at the edge of the map, so to say. 

So worldbuilding. That has to be done. I also actually have to finish Mist On the Moor. It's not much left; a lot of drama happening from now on, then the sort-of cliffhanger ending. I'm hoping that the remainding scenes will be about 10K, leaving the book at 35K or thereabout. I'm hoping to have the sequel just as long too. 

There's also a lot of short stories that wants to be written. There are a lot of people in the mining village, a lot of people Roel helps and bonds with and become sort-of friends with. They want their stories told, even a m/f couple is forefront in my mind.

I really do like this story, even if it isn't a usual fantasy story. Except for Roel's healing abilities, it seems maybe more like a historical at first. But it's not, and it will become more evident in the sequel.

I have spent a long time writing Mist On the Moor. Mostly because of my hiatus, which lasted for maybe about two months, but I hope to have it finished soon. And I hope the inspiration to continue on to the sequel will still be there, because this is turning out to be quite the journey.

I'm not too sure about the title, especially as I already have the title for the sequel, and I don't really feel that they match. I do like the title, I think it's original. I don't even remember how I came up with it. I think it's rather cool, and maybe it will stick. 

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