7 July 2012

News: Contracts Signed

The contracts for Scarred Souls and Sakura Kiss has been signed and returned. I even got the edits for Scarred Souls. I edited the story and returned it. I don't have any tentative release dates yet, but I'll be sure to share those when I hear. 

Polar Nights will be out on Wednesday, which is very exciting! If you're a subscriber to LT3 though, you can still get it as a free download. I think it will be up until it's released in the book market on Wednesday. 

Now, I go back to work on Midnight Sun. I had a burst of inspiration the other day, and I'm finally writing on it again. It's going slowly, but it's nearing the end. I also had some inspiration for the next book, Northern Lights, and it's going to turn out quite different than the first version. 

Have a good Saturday, everyone!

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