6 July 2012

Book recs: Playing With Shadows

Playing With Shadows by Sasha L. Miller

He was told that everything happened for a reason, that there were things out there that watched your every move. He just never thought that the people telling him this were telling the truth. Until he happened to glimpse something out of the corner of his eye, something that he couldn't explain.

And now there are things in the shadows, things that want him. And he's not sure if he can hold out any longer. If only he hadn't picked up that apple on that fateful day, then the ones in the shadows would not have noticed his presence.

* * *

I LOVED this story. I finished it in one sitting this morning. I simply couldn't put it away before it was done. 

The concept was so great and so well done! Corin, the main character whose POV the story was told in, was a sweetheart. I adored him! His love interest was quite interesting as well; I had my fair share of suspicions through the story, but it didn't turn out like I thought at all. It was all in a good way though! 

This story was so cool and so refreshing, and when it was done I was all more, more, more. I really hope there'll be more about these two characters in the future. If not, I sure do hope there'll be more set in this world, because it was really interesting!

Highly recommended. 

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