17 August 2012

On current ideas and writing

I recently finished a short story of about 11K in five days (one of which I didn't even write on it). Inspiration just hit me, from nowhere. This was my submission for LT3's Kiss Me At Midnight collection

This story was a rewrite from an old story I had completely forgotten about until the inspiration to rewrite it hit me out of nowhere Saturday. Rest assured, I have rewritten the entire story, I didn't paste any of the old into it, though I did used the old story for reference.

Now my trouble is what to write next. I'm tired of my WIPs and right now I feel like scrapping them all and starting all over with new ideas. Yeah, I know, bad idea. I am, however, putting them aside. That was I can find them again when inspiration do hit.

So what to do? I'm tired of short stories. I want to write something longer. I might have mentioned this before even. So, my first idea is to write a longer sequel to Reunited. I was planning on doing that story for KMaM, but decided it was to angsty and too much happening in too short a wordcount (5-10K). So how about I still write it, just longer and not for a part of a collection? 

Yes, I'm quite psyched about that idea. 

My second idea isn't so much an idea, as something I'd like to do. I'd like to try my hand at writing a fairytale. That's all I've got, a want to write a fairytale, so that will need a bit more to it before I can actually get to it.

First idea; angsty. Second idea; cute, fluffy fairytale (except it's not really an idea). Second idea would fit my current mood; I'm in a really happy mood lately! Then again, maybe I can actually write the sad beginning of Damian and Josh's new story without making a bad mood worse, which was the case when I started writing it.

If I write Damian/Josh first and ponders my sudden want to try out fairytales while I write it, maybe a fairytale will be next. *grin*

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