27 August 2012

When Characters Switch Things Around

My WIP is Yesterday's Tears, the sequel to Scarred Souls and Reunited. It was going to be a lot longer than those two short stories, and so far that's going great. it's nearing 30K now, and will at least be getting to 40K.

This book focuses a lot on Josh and Damian, but a new main character is also introduced. Matt, Damian's younger cousin. Now, Matt and I had a plan. It was nicely laid out there, he was agreeable, then he goes and changes his mind.

I had Matt's love interest all figured out. He's been along even before Matt came along, even. They totally wanted each other. Then comes another character, who was meant for another guy, and he wants to be Matt's friend. OK, sure, if he wants a new friend, who am I to deny him that? 

I didn't except what happened. I didn't expect them to hook up and to actually like each other in that way. Nonetheless, they did and screwing up my entire plan, not just for this story but for the next one as well, completely. Thank a lot guys, very helpful indeed. 

As it turns out, this was all just a switch of places, because the inteded love interest for Matt now suddenly wants to get it on with the intended love interest for Matt's new love interest. Gawd, confusing? Why, yes. At least it worked out in the end. I hate the times when it doesn't.

Anyone else experience this? I've had it happen again, just now, but that's a subject for next post.

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