28 August 2012

When Characters Switches Things Around (Part Deux)

In my last post, you could read about the little switch-up my characters did in my current WIP. Well, for this post there're some characters who are switching up their stories completely, which kind of makes me fucked, because the first story in this series is already published. 

Which story, which series, you might want to know. I'm talking about my Arctic Love series and in particular Polar Nights. I was considering doing some short stories when Andreas promptly informs me he want a rewrite and I'm like 'whaaaat? Are you nuts?'

Seems he is. Not only does he want a rewrite, he wants the entire storyline rewritten. He doesn't want the degree he's aiming for anymore. He doesn't want certain things that happened to happen anymore. 

This does leave me screwed, because this story is already published! This new idea though ... it's not bad. It works a lot better for how I initially wanted my Svalbard stories to be like. It also works with the sequels, although Midnight Sun will probably have to be rewritten again too. Frey's not begging for an entire rewrite though, like Andreas. The fucker. 

So yeah. Screwed. I could tell him 'no way in hell, you fucker', but ... well, I like the idea. Damn.

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