15 September 2012

A quick Saturday update

I've been absent for a little while here now, and I'm sorry for that. I'm not a very good blogger, apparently. I'll try to do better, but I generally don't have much to blog about. I've decided to blog a bit more generally; to not have set themes. Might also be a little more about personal stuff, but hopefully no one will mind. 

I have recently started studying again, after my last education went to shit. I got allergic and I hated it, so no point in continuing. Now I'm back to studying, something more me than what I've previously studied; Language and Literature, specialicing in English. Currently I have a class of English Grammar, which might kill me before the semester is over. 

The writing ... hasn't been going so well lately. I was really on a roll with the current WIP, Yesterday's Tears, but I lost my momentum on it. I hope to get it back, now that I've figured out what I did wrong and fixed it. I'm also writing something else, but it's a secret right now, until I'm sure it'll stick.

I've gotten the flu too, so I'm not feeling too great. I've been slacking on the couch all day now though, watching movies, so now I'm gonna try to write some. I really need the research books I bought off Amazon for my secret WIP, but they take forever to get here, but I can get at least the first chapter done without them, so I'll just have to see which WIP I settle on. 

I hope everyone has a nice Saturday!

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