1 October 2012

Monthly rundown: September 2012

Nothing really happened in September, I feel. I didn't write much, didn't blog much, didn't have a release or a submitted a new submission. I just haven't done anything worth mentioning, it feels like.As this have been a very bad month writing wise, I only have to copy the goals for last monthly rundown and post them here again, as I didn't manage to do any of them.

  • Read quite a few books, but I haven't done any recommendations
Looking forward to in October
  • Getting a release date for How About a Boyfriend?
  • Hearing some more on Sakura Kiss, and maybe get a release date
Goals for October
  • Go through Yesterday's Tears and get it ready for submission
  • Finish Silver & Kian's short story
  • Start in on their sequel
  • Write and finish Measured Doses, my first m/m/m contemporary
  • Write some shorts once in a while, maybe once a week
That's it, really. I hope October will be a more productive month. I also have a birthday this month, but I never do anything out of my birthdays. I just let them pass in silence, mostly. *grin*

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