11 October 2012

Free read: A Day In the Forest

As mentioned in my last post, I'll be posting a couple oneshots that has so far only been shared on my livejournal. This one I wrote for holidaysmut last summer; I cannot really believe it's been that long. It features two minor characters from my first published story, Forest of Fenris. This is, as might be obvious from the challenge I wrote it for, one long smut scene. Definitely NC-17.

Tord gets quite the pleasant surprise while going through his drills.

A Day In the Forest

There was no warning.

One moment, Tord was going through his drills in his usual, small clearing, the next he found himself on his back, tree roots twisting around his arms and legs, keeping him perfectly trapped. Leaves that were twisted together came down to cover his eyes so that he could see nothing.

He was lucky he had cleared the clearing off all but the soft grass, else he wouldn't be nearly as comfortable as he was right now. Or as comfortable as he could be when he was pinned down by trees.

"Lor, what are you doing?" Tord spoke up, knowing it could be no other than Lorcan doing this to him. No one else had the kind of magic that Lorcan had, or the complete control to pull off this stunt.

Soft laughter reached his ears, then a familiar weight settled atop him, startling a quiet gasp from him.

"I am playing." Lorcan's lips chased across Tord's cheek, down his jaw, over the other cheek, then finally settled on his lips. Tord kissed him back, going with whatever it was Lorcan had planned for the day. He wouldn't get out of it before it was done, so it was always best to just let Lorcan have his way.

Hands ran down his chest and started pulling his shirt up, until it was bunched against his arm pits and his torso bared to the warm summer afternoon. Lorcan used his nails when running his hands up Tord's chest again, then flicked his nipples, causing Tord to groan. He loved it when Lorcan tortured him like this, relishing in the feeling in-between pain and passion.

Lorcan bent down, his long hair tickling Tord's sides, but when Lorcan's mouth closed over his nipple, the tickling was quickly forgotten. Lorcan sucked hard and Tord knew he would have a mark there whenever he was allowed to see again. His other nipple was thoroughly sucked too, and Tord bucked his torso up, wanting more.

"Calm down, lover," Lorcan chuckled, pressing his chest back down to the ground. "You just lay quiet and enjoy."

"What brought this on?" Tord asked, his voice strained.

"It has been a while," Lorcan replied in a whisper as his fingers moved down to Tord's pants, pulling them down over his hips. "You are such an amazing man, Tord. I just want you to feel good, without you having to redo the favor. This is all for you, who have stood by me through it all. I cannot ask for a better man." Lorcan punctuated it with a hard, hot and deep kiss, his tongue rubbing against Tord's.

He broke the kiss as soon as he started it though, but what happened next was just as amazing as kissing the witch. Lorcan's mouth engulfed his cock, and Tord moaned loudly, not able to help himself. It had been awhile since Lorcan had done this to him--lately it had only been Tord sucking Lor off, before fucking him.

Tord felt his release begin to rise, but Lorcan knew Tord's body perhaps better than Tord himself, and he pulled off. Tord breathed heavily, wanting nothing than to have Lorcan's mouth back, but he knew it was futile begging for it. Lorcan did everything his own way, even when they had sex.

The sound of clothes rustling reached him, and he licked his dry lips. Lorcan sat down atop him again, his bare skin warm against Tord's own. His hips moved, rubbing their cocks together sensually. Tord had a hard time breathing. No matter how many years they'd been together, how many times they'd been intimate during those years, he never stopped desiring Lorcan like this, like he had their very first time together. The passion never faded--and it never would. They were bound body, heart and soul.

Lorcan's hips stopped and he rose up a bit, only to slowly lower himself down on Tord's hard, leaking cock. Their moans mingled in the quiet forest, nothing else could be heard but their bodies joining together.

"Lor, let me see you," Tord groaned, "let me touch you ..."

Lorcan didn't reply, just kept riding Tord's cock, his pace going faster and faster in time with his breathing. Tord was resigning himself to being completely immovable when the roots retracted, leaving him free. The leaves fell away from his eyes and he blinked against the light.

His eyes soon fell on Lorcan, so slender and beautiful where he sat atop him. His black hair fell loose down his back, some of it falling over his shoulder, hiding his pert, pink nipples from view.

Tord had to catch his breath. He reached out, gripping Lorcan's hips, wanting to feel his lover's skin. A fine sheet of sweat covered them both, a testiment to their activities. Tord started bucking his hips up in time with Lorcan pushing down, gaining a perfect rhythm.

Lorcan's eyes closed and he was biting his lip, a testament to how close he was to release. Tord swallowed the lump stuck in his throat, then surged up to kiss Lor passionately, wanting them to be joined in every way possible when they released. His arms wrapped around Lorcan's torso and Lor's hands came up to slide around his shoulders, gripping him tightly.

Lorcan's speed faltered, became erratic, and he spurted his release over Tord's abdomen, his seed warm and sticky. Lorcan's release caused him to clench around Tord's cock, and Tord gave himself over, releasing his own seed into Lorcan's body. When he was spent and empty, he fell back to the soft, grassy ground, Lorcan falling with him as they had not let each other go.

Tord moved one hand down to cup Lorcan's bum, kneading lightly. Lorcan's head rested in the spot where Tord's neck met his shoulder, his breathing hot against Tord's skin.

"That ..." Tord tried forming words for what he felt at this exact moment. "... was amazing." He simply could not come up with anything more original than that. Not at this moment, right after such mind-numbing sex and with Lorcan pressed down atop him.

"It always is between us." Lorcan pressed a soft kiss to Tord's neck, obviously to lazy at the moment to do more than that. "It always is."

And Tord wrapped his arms tighter around him, knowing that this particular witch would forever be his.


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