10 October 2012

Happy Wednesday

Haven't got much of an update. Writing's been going slow, mostly due to the characters being unable to figure out where they want the story to go. I had a plan, they keep changing it. The story is nearing it's end though, I'm hoping to get maybe 10K more on it, no less than 5K at the minimum. 

Other than that, I've been toying with the idea of free reads. I want to write some new free reads for my website, and share them here on the blog first. I'm thinking of posting a free read weekly, most likely on Fridays. Wouldn't that be cool? 

Also, I've realized I have some free reads on my livejournal that haven't been shared here or put on my website. The only free read I have here on the blog is the one I wrote for Day of Porn. I think I'll share the few oneshots currently shared only on my livejournal here as well, maybe start off with those until I have some newer freebies written. 

I want to get this blog up and running properly again, and I also want to get my writing inspiration going again. I'm hoping writing short freebies might help with that, maybe with the help of prompts. I'm gathering up a list of prompts to use. 

I hope everyone has a nice Wednesday!

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