17 October 2012

Happy Wednesday!

I'm half-way through the week and feel like I haven't really done much. Haven't written much and for the last few hours I've been writing down notes for an idea I had last week for a paranormal series. The idea is building inside my mind and right now it seems like it'll be a part of my angel series that is still lacking a proper series name.

This idea originally started out as me wanting to rewrite an old contemporary story of mine. It didn't want to stay contemporary though, thoughts of paranormal elements kept popping up in my head. I've never written contemporary paranormal before but the new idea was really exciting. There'll be a lot of action in the stories, which I quite like. 

I have to mull over the idea some more though before I do anything. There're many pieces I need to fit together and they won't quite fit just yet. I might just start in on the rewrite of the first book though, as that isn't quite so heavy on the paranormal as I plan for the others to be. It's more of an introduction to the paranormal world. 

So while I'm figuring out the kinks of this idea, I'm going to finish Yesterday's Tears. I set a deadline for myself, at the end of this week, or the end of next at the least, so I better buckle down and get writing. I also just remembered I never did finish the edits on How About A Boyfriend?, so I should do those too.

Oh! I also have a new cover to share, something else I have forgotten as I haven't been home the last week. I will share that one on Friday.

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