18 October 2012

Free read: After Hours (2/2)

Sometimes it's more than friendship

After Hours

continued ...

Lesley's breath caught in his throat. He flicked his eyes from Spencer's face to the way Spencer was caressing his palm, then back up at Spencer's face again. Spencer was looking back at him, his eyes a clear hazel again now.

Spencer's other hands came up to rest against Lesley's chest, first as a fist, then Spencer slowly stretched his fingers out so that his hand was splayed over the front of Lesley's shirt.

"Spence …" Lesley felt like he couldn't breathe. What was Spencer doing? His hand was warm and firm against Lesley's chest. It started inching up, stroking over Lesley's collarbone before curling around his neck.

Lesley leaned forward a little. Spencer did too and he bent his head down slightly to get down to Lesley's level. His lips brushed Lesley's lightly and they hovered but an inch from each other for a long moment.

Lesley licked his lips before tilting his chin forward slightly so that their lips brushed together again. He pressed further, pressing their lips together in a more proper kiss. I'm kissing Spencer. Spencer is kissing me. It was unbelievable, but it was happening. It couldn't possibly be a dream.

Spencer let go off Lesley's hand and instead reached out to curl his arm around Lesley's waist, pulling Lesley further up against him.

Lesley slowly lifted his own arms and held on gently to Spencer's shoulders. Spencer had nice, broad shoulders that Lesley had admired many a time when they'd been working together.

It felt nice kissing Spencer. Lesley had never kissed anyone before and having his first kiss with the boy he was in love with … it was wonderful.

Spencer eventually drew back and Lesley blinked his eyes open. Spencer's eyes had darkened again, but there was no residue of pain or sadness in them now. Instead they were heated. Heated for Lesley.

"Spence …" Lesley didn't want the moment to end. He didn't want to step away, didn't want to let Spencer go. He wanted Spencer to kiss him again and to never stop kissing him. "What does this mean?" He had to know if this was just a one-time thing or if Spencer was as interested in Lesley as Lesley was into Spencer.

"Do you want it to mean anything?" Spencer's arm tightened slightly around Lesley's waist.

"Yes," Lesley whispered, his eyes cutting to the side, not daring to meet Spencer's eyes at that confession. "I've wanted to for a long time …"

"How long?" Spencer's voice was just as low as Lesley's.

"Since you started working here." Spencer had started working at Harriet's Diner last Autumn, right after his sixteenth birthday. Lesley had already been working there for a couple of months, since his own sixteenth birthday. He'd been hopelessly in love with Spencer ever since laying eyes on him on Spencer's very first day.

Spencer leaned closer, his cheek brushing against Lesley's. "Me too." Both of his arms wrapped around Lesley's back and hugged him close.

Lesley blinked at Spencer's whispered confession, then bit his lip as his smile threatened to split his face in two. He clung on tighter to Spencer's shoulders and turned his head slightly so their cheeks brushed together once again. "Are we … together now?"

"Yeah." Spencer chuckled softly. "If that's what you want?"

"It is." It most definitely was.


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