2 October 2012

It's all falling into place

I am currently writing the sequel to Scarred Souls and Reunited, and it's titled Yesterday's Tears. It's a sad story, the begining was very difficult to write. It does get better though; because it's also a story of moving on and figuring out life after you loose someone who is very important to you. 

Don't worry; Josh and Damian are alive and well and they're still together. 

To write this story I had to make a quite extensive timeline. This story brings together a lot of characters I had originally planned to write about before this story, but Josh and Damian wanted it differently. So a lot of things that haven't been set in stone timeline-wise had to be written down before I started Yesterday's Tears, so I wouldn't completely ruin the entire timeline of the series.

I now have a plan in place when it comes to this series. YT was originally supposed to be just about Josh and Damian, but Damian's younger cousin, Matt, wanted to be a part of it too, even though I had him scheduled for his own short story. So now the continuation to Josh and Damian's story is told in YT and the beginning of Matt's story is told in it as well. This makes YT a novel, and it kind of fit with what else I had planned too.

The so-called "older generation" will have their short story with how they got together with their special someone, and then they will have a novel bringing in a character of the "younger generation". So far I've got three novels planned in the series, with Yesterday's Tears being the first.

When that is done I will finish Silver's short story before I start in on his novel, and when that is done I'm jumping right into the next novel which will involve some characters that hasn't been introduced yet. There will also be some short stories in the series that will not have a continuation in a novel, such as a certain threesome I'm planning. At least that's the plan for now; three novels and an assortment of short stories.

I really like this series and these characters. They have been with me since I first started writing in English, and they've all evolved with me through all these years. Now I feel I can finally do them all justice -- to write their stories as they should have always been.

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