2 October 2012

Edits and research

I got my edits for How About a Boyfriend? back yesterday. I might've gotten them the day before, but I've been travelling this weekend so I haven't kept up-to-date with my inbox. Anyway, there they were in my inbox. I did them too, and only have a couple of things left that I will need answers too before I can finish and send them right back again. 

I really like this story. The characters wants more too, so there's a distinct possibility that they'll get a sequel. Actually, it's more than a possibility. I'd say it's definitely happening as of now, though I have other stuff to work on first. 

I try to keep myself in line and finish a story before I start another one. I don't really manage well, as I completely lost interest in Yesterday's Tears, for a while there, but now I'm back on track with it again. The loss of interest had its reasons too. I thought I'd done my research fairly well, and then my cousin tells me something not related to the story, but which kind of fucked it all up. 

He tells me that in the UK, students starts university when they're still seventeen. That he was shocked when some of his new friends were underage when he went over there directly from high school. That his girlfriend is a year younger than him and starting her master's degree the same years as he is. Argh, crap, I thought, as I was pretty sure from the research I'd done that they'd be the same age as us Norwegians when starting uni. No such luck. 

This means that I will have some extensive editing to do in YT once I've finished it, because if I still have Matt studying for his A-levels, he'll have to be seventeen and that will so not work. So I have to figure out what he's going to study, what his friends are studying, and how to bring them all together when they're most likely to have gone off to different schools. 

Way to make it difficult for myself. And here I thought I'd done such a good job researching it all.

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