22 October 2012

It's Monday again

It's the start of a new week again. I feel like the weeks goes by so fast. Sometimes they feel very long, but when I look back it seems like they've just flown by. Weird, that. 

I've just finished the free read for the week. It's actually Scarred Souls from Josh's POV. It turned out really long though, so it'll run for two weeks. Instead of posting free reads Tuesdays and Thursdays, I've also decided to post on Saturdays. That way it won't be such a big jump for Thursday to next Tuesday.

Yesterday's Tears is still ongoing. After the scene I'm in, there's only two scenes left to write; the last chapter and the epilogue. I really like this novel, and I feel that it can be my best work to date, but it needs some extensive editing first. Some stuff in the beginning of the story is a bit random and doesn't make much sense, so it'll have to be changed. I'm also going to be adding some scenes. I'm hoping for a 60K finish. That would make it my longest work to date; and my only novel. It is a novel at 60K, right? 

With that said, I'll go schedule the free reads post and then work some more on YT. I will type in "the end" on that document this week, that is my goal. Then next week I'll start editing as I write some more short stories in the series. Silver and Kian really need their story finished too.

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