19 October 2012

New cover and writing news

It's Friday and I promised to show off my new cover, so here it is. Gorgeous, isn't it? Sakura Kiss, the sequel to Winter Love. It's Armas' story. 

I don't have a blurb or release date yet, but I'll be sure to share those share those when I get them. It won't be this year though, I'm sure, but sometime in the first few months of 2012. 

In other news, Yesterday's Tears is nearing it's end. Two and a half scenes left to write, then I can type "the end". I have plans of adding some scenes when I go through it to edit (it needs A LOT of editing), so I'm thinking it'll be around 55K-60K. It's just shy of 50K right now, so I think that's a good estimate of the final story. 

I'm going to write some more freebies to share on the blog next week, from that series because there's so many characters and so much going on with them all. Then I will finish Silver and Kian's short story. It desperately needs a name, but it's still evading me. 

Aftter that, I might do that rewrite I talked about of an old contemporary story that now wants to be turned into paranormal. I don't think I want to combine it with the angel-verse though, because that is locked in so many ways and I want to be able to play a lot with various paranormal aspects in this new series. It's difficult to come up with a completely different paranormal universe though when I'm so into the angel-verse. 

I think it'll be fun though. I'm really liking the idea and as I have the whole plot of the first book in my head, with the old version for reference, I'm hoping to write it during November. I'm not good with deadlines though, so we'll have to see how it goes. ^^;;