2 November 2012

The weekend's here

Still hooked on Sterek fanfiction. What can I say? It's addictive. I do have a story idea though. No, actually, I have two. They're still very brief, not plotted out at all, but they're both growing on me. I'll have to see how they end up. 

So yeah ... Nothing else to say. I have to write more free reads this weekend, if I can manage to drag myself away from the fanfiction. I also have to apply for jobs in December, as I have the whole month off. 

In other RL stuff, I just bough flight tickets to London in January. I'm so looking forward to going back there. And also going to York! I've never been there, so that's going to be interesting. 

So yeah. This weekend. Much fanfiction reading, I'm sure. Write some free reads. Try to finish YT. Figure out more on these two ideas. Plenty to do!

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