12 December 2012

I'm back again, guys!

I'm the worst. Really, truly the worst. I've let this blog fall on the back-burner lately because I've had zero inspiration, have been busy with exams and busy with work. 

I have one exam paper left to write, which I will have to do today. It should be handed in by two o'clock tomorrow, but as I'm working early tomorrow I have to write it, finish it and hand it in today. So yet. There are definitely a lot of sarcasm to be found there, BTW. It's my own fault really though, because I've had ages to do it. It's just that I hate all three assignments I have to pick from. I've written all three myself too. So ... I'm just picking the one I have the most material on and going with it. I have to write 20K and I've got about 7K. 

So yeah, got a lot to do today. I'm going to the library too, I think, to see if they've got any books on the subject. It's so lame to only use the textbook and the internet lectures. First though, I'm going to hit the gym with my friend, then do her hair. Busy, busy day. 

Also, everytime I have a deadline like this ... my inspiration for writing sparks up again. I want to write now, write something fun, not this exam paper. I've even been editing Yesterday's Tears lately. It's going slow, but I'm getting there. I'm over halfway done with the editing, and I still have those two last scenes to write, but I hope to submit it soon.

After this exam paper I'm giving my time fully to YT and to writing some more shorts in the series. Some to be submitted for publishing, some to be available as free reads. I love this series and I'm not giving it up no matter how low the motivation get at times! 

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