17 December 2012

Happy Monday!

Or not so happy. I'm still exhausted from all the work last week, and this week I work everyday except Sunday. No rest at all, I tell you. 

I started in on the epilogue of Yesterday's Tears at lunch today and I'm going to finish it now. I'm still debating whether to add a scene to the last chapter, but I'm still not sure if it really adds anything to the story except fan-service, so I'm leaving it for now. Maybe something will pop up when I go through to edit it. 

I'm thinking of submitting this story as a serial, as it's actually novel length. It's also my longest story to date, as I haven't ever written a novel length story before. Not one that's any good anyway. *grin* 

Once YT is done, I'm thinking of finishing some WIPs. Returning Home will be next, I think, and then I might go back to fantasy and continue on Mist On the Moor. I also have to finish Silver & Kian's short story. 

Have a good week everyone!

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