19 December 2012

Next up

Now that Yesterday's Tears is done (edits too!) it's time to look at what I want to do next. I said I wanted to finish Returning Home, but the sequel to YT has kind of been bugging me too lately. There's a certain character in YT who wants his happy ending. 

Before I move into another novel though, I'm going to finish Silver and Kian's story. I hope to have that published before YT. I had a plan for their story, but it's not working out as it should. Instead of being one whole story I think I'm going to divide it into three parts and sub it all as one book. It works better that way for the three plot lines that needs to be told in their love story. I'm thinking it'll be approximately 15K once all three parts are done. 

I'd like to write the m/m/m story in the Their Circumstances series too, because I'd ideally like to have that published before YT as well, but I'll have to see which story speaks loudest. Maybe I'll start both and keep Returning Home on the side. *grin*

Before I can do anything else with YT though, I have to figure out what I want to sub it as. Do I sub it as an ebook or a serial? It would be cool to have another serial, and as YT actually is novel length, it will run for longer than Polar Nights ever did. 

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